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The Coachmakers Arms Project

The Coachmakers Arms


The Coachmaker’s Arms was an old public house which is situated in Callington next to a busy through road. It has been purchased and is to be divided into 7 properties. My brief was to; come up with some inspiration of how each property could retain or have installed back some of the character it had lost in the division of the property, to provide some layout plans for the courtyard area, ideas on how the front of the property which looks onto a busy road and as a public footpath running in front of it could be made to have more kerb appeal..  

Next I looked at how to give the properties their own individual character and to help them be high spec. I firstly suggested using high quality flooring materials such as slate or oak. To help keep this in budget on such a large scale project you could purchase in bulk the chosen materials but lay them in different ways in each property. Combining different materials would help zone areas in open plan layouts. Using the stairs which came in to all of the downstairs areas as a feature would also give each property its own identity. Incorporating clever multi functional design ideas would also help keep open plan spaces open but provide functional use of the areas. (See images)

To help give the front of the properties more kerb appeal I suggested using different paving materials. Repairing existing shutters as well as adding shutters to the other windows would complete the overall look, as would repair to the carriage lanterns. All of these things would give the front of the properties unique character in keeping with the buildings history. Giving each property a porch would create a greater feeling of ownership as opposed to coming directly from the public footpath. Including planters at the sides of the doors would also help in dressing the front of the building. To help reduce the impact of the busy main road a small wall with railings on would assist to hide the road without blocking light from the properties. Positioning fixed planter troughs with easy to maintain plants would give a much nicer view from the properties as well as adding to the overall kerb appeal. The overlaid image shows a projection of what it could look like.

I enjoyed this project immensely, it involved problem solving in creating the best use of space as well as allowing me to research many creative ways to utilise and enhance the spaces available. I look forward to working with the proprietors again on their next exciting venture.

 To begin with I concentrated on the courtyard as you can see from the images it is quite an unusual shape. I did a few layout explorations you can see a few of the examples in the images. However the one which best made use of the space was plan 3. The reasons for this are as follows; the owner of the dwellings wishes to sell off the two end larger properties, and then rent out the remaining properties. So to this end I felt that the private properties should have private access to their outside space, as well as privatising their space by dividing the area using fencing. This would provide each property a nice sized outdoor space, which I have shown some inspirational images on how they could be laid out.

As you can see from looking at the plans some of the properties need to gain access to their homes by passing others front doors, to get around this I created private fenced areas. Some of the spaces did not get much light to overcome this I have researched and shown clever design ideas as well as inspiration on how you can capture and utilise light, to make an area look bigger and brighter. (See images)

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I then began to think regardless of whether or not I owned or rented a property, private outdoor space would make that property more appealing to me. I then began to look at how I could give each of the properties access to their private outdoor space.