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Hillcrest Nursing Home Project

Hillcrest Nursing Home

Hillcrest is a large care home; it caters for residential, nursing and specialist care residents. For me this was another exciting project, which had new restrictions and considerations for me to explore.

The initial brief was to give the two main communal areas, the reception and the dining room a new lease of life. This would be achieved by replacing the carpet throughout, as well as the curtains and furniture. Easy enough you would imagine? Unfortunately it was not. Hillcrest is home to elderly and vulnerable people, their health and well being is foremost in owners minds. The carpets and furniture have to be 100% polypropylene, resistant to bleaching and staining and have a anti microbial treatment. They also need to be comfortable as well as practical to ensure they can be deep cleaned to the homes high standard and so that the residents are comfortable.

We choose different colour furniture in the same pattern for each communal area this helps each space have its own identity whilst allowing each space to feed into each other. The chosen accessorize lift the living areas and create a fresh lively feel which perfectly complements the classic backdrop. They can easily be changed in line with changing trends.

The dining room furniture was replaced with lighter wooden tables and chairs with cream leather padding. The food trolley storage area were screened off. The whole space feels brighter and fresher.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, the challenges it presented helped me to grow as a designer. We are currently taking a break in the project as the home is extremely busy. However I look forward to the next stage in the dementia area which will bring more new challenges for me face.  



 This consideration means that the carpet and the furniture have to be sourced from specialist manufactures, these companies are limited especially in our area, and this in turn limits the range of choice that is available to us. As a designer this slightly panicked me as I am now faced with choices I may otherwise have overlooked. However these challenges in design are what help you to stay creative they help push you out of your comfort zones.  

You can see from some of my design boards some of the colour ways we looked at. The specialised furnishing are extremely expensive so as to ensure they could stand the test of time I wanted to create a classic timeless overall look which could easily be updated by changing the accessorize, such as the cushions.

As you can see from the images we choose a dark teal carpet which has a fleck pattern running through it, it works well in three ways it is dark enough not to show ageing, it tones perfectly with the furniture we choose,  it also highlights and

  • PA090697
  • PA090700
  • PA090704
  • PA090711
  • PA090715
  • PA090717
  • PA090720
  • PA090723
  • PA090729
  • P3190538
  • P3190540
  • P3190539
  • P3190541
  • P3190542

incorporates  the beautiful grounds which surround the home.  The curtains add timeless elegance and sit perfectly with the carpet and furniture in each area.