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Here are just some of the testimonials I `ve received…

"Nicky and Tim are an amazing team, nothing was too much trouble.

I began the project with a strong idea of what I thought I wanted, Nicky was able to encompass my love of all things gold in a stylish contemporary way.  With Nicky s ideas and Tims amazing skills they were able to transform existing pieces into pieces which looked completely new and fitted perfectly into our new space.  We have plans for more improvements in the future and will definitely be working with them again in the restaurant and in our homes."

Jules. Indian.   

“Nicky and Tim’s approach to this project was very professional but also very personable. It was my first restaurant venture and their expertise was invaluable, they guided me through all the decision processes from styles to layout plans.

I cannot thank them enough and look forward to working with them on future projects.”


“Nicky’s work was always professional as well as very effective. She was able to bring to life the caravans by cleverly using unique touches.  Whatever budget she was given she always managed to deliver. I look forward to continuing to work with her


Sales Manager John Fowler

“I love my new bathroom, the first thing I did was to take long soak, pure bliss!

There were lots of issues to address, the damp problem as well as working with and in a very small space but to mention a few, but Nicky and Tim, s hard work paid off giving me a wonderful bathroom. I can’t thank them enough.”

Louise Bird.

“I had many ideas of how I wanted my new space to feel as well as numerous changes I wanted to make to my existing space, the trouble I had was because I had so many ideas I was unable to fix any of them down and would daily add something new I wanted and change my view on previous ideas I had had. Working with Nicky and Tim helped me to focus on what were the most important things I wanted from my home, they helped order my chaos.

To actually see the layout plans on the 3d model greatly helped me to visualise how the layouts would work and the best way to utilise the space I have. Thank you both so much.”

Chris Lang.