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Moonlight Tandoori Project

Moonlight Tandoori

The brief was to create a total transformation whilst working to a tight budget. To achieve this meant re using and revamping existing furniture. The work on the space also had to be carried out throughout the night once the restaurant was closed.

 The restaurant has only one light source at the front which meant the rest of the space was dark, as we could not create another light source I had great creative fun coming up with plays on light in other ways.

For example the mosaic glass tiles throw light patterns around the space whilst also being visible from the outside creating intrigue. The booths are perfect for intimate dining however I still wanted them to feel part of the overall space,

and not closed in.  To achieve this I used patterned cut out panels painted gold. They tied in with the concept and allowed light to travel through them.The lighting in the booths continues this play with light creating patterns over the wall space.

The bar was re-stained to match the booths, acrylic back lit panels were fitted along the front tying it in to the space and giving it a slightly more contemporary feel.

The water feature created another light source and the subtle movement creates a soothing vibe.

All art works are bespoke created incorporating the colours from the interior.  


Nicky and Tim are an amazing team, nothing was too much trouble.

I began the project with a strong idea of what I thought I wanted, Nicky was able to encompass my love of all things gold in a stylish contemporary way.  With Nicky s ideas and Tim amazing skill they were able to transform existing pieces into pieces which looked completely new and fitted perfectly into our new space.  We have plans for more improvements in the future and will definitely be working with them again in the restaurant and in our homes.   Jules.



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